Sharing financial insight in the media

Periodically, members of our team are invited by the media to offer advice and insight regarding relevant financial topics of the day. For your convenience, we have provided links here so you can view them.

End of year tax savings | December 28, 2022

Expert advice for nervous investors | October 7, 2021; WCAX3

Weathering Wall Street’s coronavirus gyrations | March 9, 2020; WCAX3

Video 1

Weathering the stock market’s wild ride amid coronavirus fears | February 28, 2020; WCAX3

Video 2

Financing your future | August 11, 2019; WCAX3 Go to 1:44 to see George's interview

Video 3

Making sense of the stock market’s highs and lows | November 4, 2018; WCAX3 Go to 6:08 to see George’s interview

Video 4