Consolidating your investment accounts is a good idea for many reasons. It makes it easier to track and manage your portfolio. It can help you spot overlapping assets and diversify better. And it enables you to view your account more holistically to see the big picture. In short, it simplifies your life.

Your caregivers and heirs will appreciate it, too. Consolidating will also make it easier for a trusted family member to step in and manage your finances when you no longer can.

It’s also important to point out that larger account balances are often eligible for perks and discounts that you can’t get if your money is scattered among multiple accounts. This can be in the form of lower fees or commissions, personalized investment advice or service, free trades, and other benefits.

We have helped many of our clients consolidate their accounts, handling all the administrative details and documentation for them. Raymond James services such as Client Access and Vault allow you to securely store documents all in one place and access your account information from any computer, whether it’s at home, work or even your accountant’s office.