George D. Ewins Jr.
George D. Ewins Jr., CPM, CEPA® Senior Vice President, Investments Co-Branch Manager

George is dedicated to the financial well-being and independence of the individuals, families and institutions he serves here in his home state of Vermont and beyond. He is a Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM) with more than 24 years of financial industry experience, and looks after the investment management side of the business with a focus on the equity or “common stock” portfolios.

Between his junior and senior year of college at McGill University in Montreal, he interned on the syndicate desk of Merrill Lynch in New York City. During this internship, he was engrossed in the capital markets as well as the initial public offering process.

His interest in the markets and investing started as a young man, inspired by his father, George D. Ewins Sr., who established a Merrill Lynch branch in 1978 in Vermont after returning to Burlington from Wall Street.

George’s father started mentoring him in finance as a young man, and he made his first stock purchase at age 12. A favorite childhood pastime was reviewing Mario Gabelli’s annual reports and stock picks. He went on to major in history during college with an interest in the history of the U.S. stock market. He started out his career working in Merrill Lynch’s corporate headquarters at the Merrill Lynch Asset Management division.

Between his love of finance and deep family connections to Vermont, where Ewins Farm was established in 1821, it was an easy decision to return to home from Wall Street to join his father as his business partner. (The late George Sr. retired from the industry in 2001.)

After 22 years at Merrill, George and his partners decided to make the move to Raymond James. Given the team’s history at their prior firm, the decision to move was several years in the making and was prompted by a culture shift after the 2009 acquisition of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America.

After conducting extensive due diligence, they decided on a move to Raymond James, a firm whose culture the team found to be entrepreneurial, positive and conservative, while providing the support and resources needed to help best serve the clients of Ewins, Kowalski & Swett Wealth Management. 

George resides in Charlotte, Vermont, with his wife, Marie-Michelle, their two children, Felix and Isla, and Nigel, the family dog.