Or can I just do it myself online with a simple automated approach and low-cost index investments?

This depends. How complicated is your situation? How much time do you have to devote to your own investment and planning? Will this stray your focus from your business or career? Also, you may be able to do this, but do you want to do it? Do you enjoy it? Or do these responsibilities to yourself and family often fall to the bottom of the list or in the “I’ll get to it later” pile.

Maybe you just want a sounding board or someone to help demystify the planning and investment process.

Maybe you have parts of this down but not a complete process.

Maybe you are just looking for a better investment process than simply buying and holding an index.

This is easy to do when things are going up, but harder to do when we get in the inevitable down markets.

Mostly likely, if you are reading this you feel like there is something you could be doing better.

It can be incredibly helpful to have a team like the EKS group as a resource when you are going through a major life transition such as selling a business, going through a divorce, losing a spouse or a partner, receiving an inheritance and, of course, retiring.

Consider all the questions associated with retirement. Are you financially ready to retire? How can you optimize Social Security for you and your spouse? How do you roll over your 401(k) in a tax-efficient manner? Have you retired before?

The comprehensive planning we offer encompasses far more than just the management of investments, and includes such important matters as estate planning, charitable giving strategies and insurance planning. At EKS Wealth Management, it’s all part of the plan. We bring our Knowledge Experience and Service to the table to guide you through.